Playstation 5 compatible with Samsung 980 PRO News

22 September 2021
Playstation 5 compatible with Samsung 980 PRO

PS5 players around the globe can expand their storage capacity with an M.2 SSD that can be installed in the PS5 console or PS5 Digital Edition console.

Once installed, M.2 SSD storage can be used to download, copy, and launch PS5 and PS4 games, as well as media apps.

Gamers can play PS5 and PS4 games directly from M.2 SSD storage and freely move games between storage options.

The Samsung SSD 980 PRO is compatible with the Playstation 5.

The internal SSD meets the manufacturer's requirements in terms of form factor, interface, module width and capacity.

In order to use an M.2 SSD with the Playstation 5 console, Sony also recommends effective heat dissipation with a cooling structure, such as a heat sink.*


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