INNO3D presents its new outlined logo and slogan. News

9 May 2017
Inno 3D
INNO3D presents its new outlined logo and slogan.

The new logo INNO3D™ has been designed in all capitals, creating a strong and unified look & feel that represents a tightly integrated and strong organization. The new design brings a much stronger impact and has a fresh look taking its own place in a modern and highly competitive world. INNO3D\'s global team is highly committed to bring the greatest computer hardware products to customers and with a \'lean & mean\' attitude the company will continue to bring them to market at a very competitive and fair price.

In addition to the new styled logo, INNO3D™ also introduced its new slogan \'Brutal by Nature\'. Where \'Brutal\' reflects today\'s gaming culture in a \'show no mercy\' attitude, it shows nothing but similarities to INNO3D\'s way of building products. The team leaves nothing to chance, researching every single angle and not afraid of criticism when it comes to optimizing and perfecting its products. Even going beyond the expected investigating new and fresh solution, just to improve the products to the best they can be.

\"As a testament of this \'Brutal by Nature\' attitude I would like to refer to our recent launch of the new flagship graphics card; GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti iChiLL series. With \'just\' an air-cooled solution, the results are exceptional and perfectly suited to optimize NVIDIA\'s Pascal™ architecture, where other brands could not achieve a satisfying product and had to come up with other (and more expensive) solutions.\" said Stanley Wong, VP Sales Worldwide @ INNO3D™. \"I am incredibly proud of the team to, time after time, come up with great ideas on how to improve our products and go beyond my and our customer\'s expectations.\"

The implementation of the new logo and slogan starts today and the updates will appear on website, social media and advertising campaigns.

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