Bob Veldhof visiting Samsung Town in Korea News

10 May 2017
Bob Veldhof visiting Samsung Town in Korea

Today, Bob, Jan and Sera visited Suwon, the Samsung Town.  It serves as the IT and electronics hub for Samsung. It’s a major office park in Seoul with over 17 fabrics, employing 43k people.
Samsung has created its own city, Samsung Digital City. 

 “I am by far impressed”, said Bob.  “It is a fully functional city, with its own health clinic, restaurants, public transportation, sports facilities, etc.”
With the growth of Samsung, several of Samsung subsidiaries are located here : from Samsung  Electronics (Mobile TV), LED, SDI & Electronics to Memory and Production Lines factories.
Bob continues : “By far, this is one of the most innovative places ever visited.  It’s a first class society representing very well the first class products and technology from Samsung.  Can’t wait to see more and to do further business with Samsung.”