Bob Veldhof and Taurus Group B.V. are the new shareholders of 2BY2 N.V. News

15 July 2016
Bob Veldhof and Taurus Group B.V. are the new shareholders of 2BY2 N.V.

Xavier Cabes has agreed on the sales of all the shares to Bob Veldhof and Taurus Group B.V.

The transition of the shares is finalized.  Mr. Xavier Cabes will leave 2BY2 N.V. having sold all the shares of the company to Mr. Bob Veldhof and Taurus Group B.V.  Mr. Bob Veldhof will take over the role of Managing Director of 2BY2 N.V.  In this function, he will be supported by Mr. Arun Rahul Garg, Managing Director of the Taurus Group B.V, who recently acquired eZy Infotech, Germany.  The co-operation between the 2 companies will give 2BY2 N.V. a stronger market position.

Background information about 2BY2 N.V.

2BY2 N.V. is a dynamic company, active in the distribution of computer hardware and software since 1994.  2BY2 N.V. mainly sells to computer stores, retailers and e-tailers, with main focus on the Benelux market.  2BY2 N.V. has in total 45 official distribution contracts.  Some of the brands for which 2BY2 N.V. owns distribution rights include A-Brands such as Samsung, Kingston, Ricoh, Toshiba, Gigabyte, EnGenius, BenQ, LG and A-Data.
Over the last years, 2BY2 realized a growth of more than 60%, mainly due to expanding its market to Luxemburg and the Netherlands, and due to newly negotiated contracts with many suppliers of A-Brands.
2BY2 N.V. excels in its RMA Service and its Fast Delivery.  2BY2 N.V. also provides marketing campaigns to their top customers.  A highly educated and motivated sales team is always looking for the best deals customized to their needs.

Background information about Bob Veldhof

Bob Veldhof, born in Hengelo(O), The Netherlands has been working as an independent consultant for 2BY2 N.V. for more than 4 years and has over 20 years of experience in the field of distribution for Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. 
For more than 15 years, Bob Veldhof has combined sports and business, showing a talent to combine managerial and sales skills with his winners’ mentality.  His global network of contacts and acquaintances help to bring people together in order to do, as Bob puts it, "good business".  Bob acts decisively, manages with integrity and will always aim to get the job done.

Background information about Taurus Group B.V.

Taurus Group B.V. is a newly founded holding company with the goal of providing a uniform structure to the group of Taurus owned companies: currently Taurus Europe B.V., eZy Infotech GmbH and now 2By2 N.V.  Taurus Europe, based in the Netherlands, has been active since 2006 and specializes in the distribution of computer components throughout Europe.  The Taurus team, which is recognized within the industry, has well-founded market knowledge and over 18 years of industry experience, whereby the concentration is on the efficiency and speed of business.  Taurus is convinced of its growth and has ambitious plans to expand geographically throughout the European continent and beyond.  The company has a flexible attitude and a long and close relationship with relevant manufacturers, which allows the company to achieve mutual strategic goals.
Through a well thought-out logistics concept and the affiliated fast delivery, customers have the advantage of being able to handle current demand as quickly as possible.  The low cost structure coupled with the focus on certain suppliers, products and customers involves the ability to remain aggressive within a highly competitive market.

You can read the full press release here.