17 march 2016
Inno 3D

2BY2 is proud to announce a new brand in distribution for Benelux:  “Inno 3D”.

InnoVision Multimedia is a pioneer developer and manufacturer of a diverse range of cutting-edge multimedia pc hardware products.

The company's objective is to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience to the masses of PC users and multimedia professionals at an affordable cost. InnoVISION was then created to build brand awareness for the continuously growing product range in order to meet the fast growing market. InnoVISION's product scope comprises the successful Inno3D brand - a comprehensive variety of 3D graphic board accelerators and multimedia components and devices.
Inno3D is part of PcPartner, a large stock exchange company based in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities in China with over 4000 employees.

2BY2 commented:

PcPartner is one of the largest VGA manufacturers in the world.
Inno3D is an official Nvidia partner, specialized towards high end gamers with extreme and exclusive designs, as well as volume and specialized supply towards system builders.
We strongly believe that Inno 3D graphics is an added value for our resellers to meet high demands in a fast growing gaming market.

Inno 3D commented:

Inno3D is very pleased to announce that we will start with 2BY2 as a focused distribution partner for the Benelux market.
The brand Inno3D is focusing very much on the gaming scene of the VGA card market as well on the newest technology development in 3D printers.
With 2BY2 we have found a strong and committed partner with excellent qualities to represent us in a professional and reliable way.